Entrepreneurship Development

By: Dr. P. Kowsalya, Dr. Bhanu M. V. V, Dr. R. V. Suresh, Dr. Veldandi Ramchander Rao

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ISBN 9788195499915
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Pages 160
Publisher Flying Hands Publications

Entrepreneurship development is a major area of focus today as it has huge potential in creating jobs and self-employability and thus contributing to economic development. India, in the last few years in particular, has seen exponential growth of start-ups and new-age entrepreneurs. Both the Central and State Governments have been taking proactive steps towards the development of entrepreneurship in the country. The Government has launched various schemes and programmes to attract investors and create a healthy ecosystem for entrepreneurship. India is one of the largest homes of start-ups in the world and has been highly successful in bringing significant amounts of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). Moreover, the Government is taking active steps in removal of the bureaucratic hurdles and bottlenecks, so that entrepreneurship development is encouraged. In order to promote the culture of entrepreneurship development, the subject has been made part of the curriculum at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels across disciplines.This book is a sincere attempt to build the fundamentals of the subject amongst students alongside motivating them to become future entrepreneurs. It will be of interest to researchers, academics, and students in the fields of business administration, management, and entrepreneurship.