English Core Class 11 CBSE

By: Flying Hands Publications

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ISBN 9788196295813
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Pages 200
Publisher Flying Hands Publications

Board - CBSE

Class - 11

This is a comprehensive guidebook for students Class 11 studying in the CBSE Board. The book offers a range of features to help students prepare effectively for their examinations. The book includes objective questions with answers in reading and literature, which will help students improve their comprehension skills and understanding of the subject matter. Additionally, the book contains text book questions with answers, ensuring students have a thorough understanding of the material they are studying. Coverage of important questions from all sections is included in the book, ensuring that students have a well-rounded understanding of the subject matter and are prepared for any question that may be asked on the exam. The book also provides proper explanations of all chapters, helping students to gain a deeper understanding of the material covered in the curriculum. Overall, English Core - Class 11 (CBSE) is an essential resource for students looking to excel in their studies and achieve success in their examinations.